The Third Asia Europe Meeting for Governors and Mayors (ASEM Meeting)




Asem Meeting for Governors and Mayors is being organized every 4 years to allow mayors and governors from over 50 Asian and European capital cities to meet. The agenda of the meeting was the problems that most cities had to face such as city overcrowding, increasing garbage, etc. The participants were informed of these topics ahead of the meeting to prepare their case studies, ways to tackle the problems, and the results to share with others. All participants will learn from other cities and may adopt the solutions for their cities.

The challenge for this event was that DK had to liaise with 50 city leaders from the moment they step out of the plane until the last moment they leave Thailand. It was a great responsibility and proud task. We wanted to make them remember their best experience in the Kingdom of Thailand. We had a test round to select liaisons and a training session to inform them of each capital city they have to liaise with. Each of the selected liaison had done a great job to welcome the VIP guests and everything went well.

Beside the liaison tasks for the city leaders, DK also organized the 3-day conference. From welcoming, opening ceremony, meetings, to farewell ceremony, every conference were important. Each of the guest was important people who lay policies of large cities. We prepared the conference and during the event every night we met to update all progress after the guests had gone to their hotel. It was vital that everyone was informed of any changes and process for the next day.

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