Double Klick Event (DK) is a "boutique event agency" with "happiness" working atmosphere. Our agency is established by a team of leading professionals who specialize in both domestic and international events.

For us, "boutique event agency" is a service that we put our heart and soul in every detail and working process. We present new and fresh creativity and are able to reach the target audience with the right message. We believe that the product design is not only about the beauty but also the uniqueness and remarkableness of the product must be shown. These are the reasons that every projects we created are "Masterpiece".

Our "happiness" working atmosphere means making everyone who is involved in the event's process is "happy" because happiness at work is a driving force for a widespread creativity, an attentive responsibility and a willing assistance. As for the performance, we value the elation of working together and believe that "happiness" is the beginning of the success.

We deliver your happiness
through our passion



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