KBank Star Awards Party




As in every year, KBank wanted to organize a party for its employees. The theme changes every year so that KBank employees can enjoy dressing for the theme and show off on the stage to win big awards. DK has been organizing KBank party for 3-4 times. And the party rocks every year, as the employees are full of energy and know each other very well.

The challenge for this event was that we had to propose different themes and be up to date. In the party, the executives had to get on the stage to perform a show to impress over 800 employees. The registration had to be fast and accurate because the system was also linked to the awards for best employees, which includes many people from many departments. The queuing process for each person to receive awards were among the highlight of the party; therefore it must be organized since the registration, so that everything runs smoothly and the participants have their best time at the party.

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