EGCO: Energy for Life - Reduce Global Warming with Efficiency Economy




“EGCO: Energy for Life - Reduce Global Warming with Efficiency Economy” is a CSR project by Electricity Generating Public Company Limited (EGCO Group). The EGCO Group collaborated with the Energy Policy and Planning Office under the Energy Ministry and the Office of the Basic Education Commission in laying the energy learning plan for the children. The 3-year plan was consisted of creating local networks among schools and teachers to instill energy conscience into Thai children and encourage energy-saving thinking process that is suitable for each locality.

DK had a chance to assist with this project from the first year. “The challenge”, that has become “the fun”, part of the project was that we must be the role model for energy-saving and be the inspiration for schools, teachers, and students to follow suit. We began by choosing locally-made materials for our exhibitions and structures for other events. Additionally, the parts such as structures were reused or recycled for the benefits of the teachers, schools, or participating students.

For EGCO: Energy for Life - Reduce Global Warming with Efficiency Economy, DK is proud to be a part of the society to instill energy conscience to teachers and the next generations. We promoted the idea that creativity doesn’t necessarily came from expensive products, but it’s the ability to use things that are available around you. Creativity can happen in your own version; and that it can make you proud.

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