Opening Ceremony of Si Rat Expressway - Bangkok's Outer Ring




After organizing many big events with Bangkok Expressway and Metro Public Company Limited (BEM) such as the welcoming of the first train for the purple MRT line and the BEM D-Day, DK was entrusted by the BEM to organize the opening ceremony of the Si Rat Expressway - outer ring.

The challenge for DK this time was organizing the event on the expressway, 30 meters above ground level with over 500 visitors including Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha, who came to preside over the opening ceremony. Because it was the opening day, after the event was over, the team had less than 3 hours to clear the stage and remove the giant roof structure to allow normal traffic on the expressway.

We studied the protocols for welcoming the prime minister, his route coming to the event, his path during the event, and safety measures. We planned and structured the event area with the logistics system for drop off, guest parkings, and entrance and exit signs to facilitate all of the guests. Before setting up, we brainstormed with all of the suppliers about the plan and discussed the most effective and fastest way to remove all structures after the event is over.

Everything went smoothly and by schedule during the setup; however mother nature took us by surprise. A big storm brought in strong winds, blowing the sign boards and direction signages; however our main structures remain intact, thanks to our design and construction team who chose quality materials. This storm has given us a great lesson about the risk of being on high ground. We learned that the higher it is, the stronger the wind and storm.

After the storm had passed, everyone in the team put their full effort into putting everything back together and standby for the opening in the next morning. And the event ran smoothly and wrapped up in perfect style, leaving DK team only proud moments and the new learning lesson.

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