Sony PlayStation




Game industry is growing rapidly and fast becoming competitive. Thailand Game Show BIG Festival’s Gaming Product Showcase therefore has become the interests among teenagers and working people. Gaming Product Showcase has become the community for gamers, both amateurs and professionals, as well as anime and cosplay enthusiasts. With over 120,000 visitors each year and increasing, the showcase houses latest games on mobile, PC, and console.

Our client, PlayStation, is the producer of game console and software. With an aim to expand user database and market shares to boost sales, PlayStation got us to help organize a booth, getting visitors to experience PlayStation consoles and innovative hardware.

At the booth, PlayStaion offered new game software that were yet to release in the market for the visitors to try, which make the game enthusiasts ever more excited and tempted to buy the games.

The challenge of this event was creating the most memorable experience for gamers, who are the target audience for PlayStation. From all of the designs, structures, lights, sounds, colors, queuing system, to sales representatives, everything is selected to impress the visitors and let them know that the brand is awesome. As an organizer of the event, we had to do a lot of research on the product, limitations, and capabilities of PlayStation. We studied both the hardware and software as well as every relevant components. We also studied the behaviors of gamers as the target audience to serve their needs during the entire 3-day event, which made them impressed about the brand and want to purchase PlayStation products.

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