How to…build your C-R-E-A-T-I-V-I-T-Y

If you don’t want to be outdated, creativity is the important qualification you must have in order to enter Thailand 4.0 era.

Recently Thai government issued the plan, also known as “Thailand 4.0 era”, encouraging people to integrate information with technology for creating a new and unique innovation which provides greater convenience and higher efficiency. So if you don’t want to be outdated, creativity is the important qualification you must have in order to enter Thailand 4.0 era.

Today we have some tips on how to be a creative thinker. We use our creativity with many things on our daily life but we’ve never noticed it. For example, we usually use our creative thinking to match the clothes with accessories and shoes including those special occasions and activities. Here are the tips to improve your creativity:


1. Learn how to be a storyteller

Many creative thinkers have a lot of knowledge and in order to become one, you must obtain knowledge as much as you can. You have to practice repeating a story to yourself or telling other people. For example, a teacher told you about Thai history which you really paid attention. Then after school, you practiced telling that story to yourself or your friends. What you will gain is the true understanding of the story. So every times you learn something new, you should repeat a story to yourself or tell other people.



2. Learn how to be open-minded

The basic qualification of all creative thinkers is being an open-minded person. If you don’t like trying new things, it means you are not a creative person. To become a good creative thinker, you must stop saying “no” to new things. You should learn and experiment all new possibilities out there. Open your mind and accept it! Still afraid? Well, there’s no need to rush. You just live with it and learn it step by step. Eventually you will get used to it.



3. Learn how to ask a question

The creativity is a cognitive memory generating into new ideas. You can also elicit information from your memory by asking a question. For example, when someone asked you about the most beautiful beach in Thailand and you would recall the memory of the beaches you’ve been to so you could answer that question. Most creative thinkers never stop just one question. They continue asking questions by retrieving useful information from a memory. So whenever you are curious about something, imitate them. The more questions you ask, the more creativity you make.


These are 3 easy tips on how to be creative. Keep practicing! We guarantee that it’s worthwhile because this will bring your business into “Thailand 4.0 era” productively.

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