Double Klick Event Organizer (DK)...The New Generation

These days an event organizer is new generation’s dream job because it’s a challenging and interesting job. They don’t have to sit in the office all day and this is considered to be a cool job. But do you want to know the truth behind the awesomeness? These new members of DK team will tell you how they feel.



Piyamol (Mol), Graphic Designer, is graduated with 2nd class honors in Product design from Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University. She has been working with DK for 10 months now.

Ruengkit (Keng), Creative, is a former art department president of the student union who graduated with 2nd Class honors from Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University. He has been working with us 5 months.

Question 1: Why do you want to work in an event planning industry even though it’s not relevant from what you studied?

Mol: It started when I was an internship at a small furniture company and I got a chance to work on the furniture expo project. I had to design, choose the products, contact the suppliers and install the booth like literally everything. That was my first event and it went so well. I felt so proud of myself. At that moment I wondered how a professional organizer works so I decided to experience it after I graduated.

Keng: Back when I was a student, I enjoyed doing lots of activities. So being an organizer is the right career for me. I dreamt of it before I even studied at university. Even though I didn’t study at this field but I chose to follow my dream.

Question 2: You have such an impressive profile. Why did you choose to work with DK agency?

Mol: I must say it’s a first impression. To be honest, the office location is quite far from my house but on the first job interview here, I immediately felt the warm welcoming atmosphere. Everyone was having lunch and chatting together. It is such a friendly work place. When I met Lai and Na (the executives of DK), they made me feel like a family. So I thought it would be great to work here.

Keng: The minute I walked in, I could sense that this is a warm and happy office which I think it’s quite rare to find. I also think that working with a small company is a good opportunity for me in order to learn the whole process of event planning. So I feel very lucky to work with DK.

Question 3: What did you have in mind about an event planning agency before started working here?

Mol: I thought everyone would be very professional and well-prepared. So that is why the work came out successful.

Keng: I didn’t know much about this industry. I thought it would be quite similar with the activities I’ve done in university. Everyone helped each other and participated in every steps. It would be a fun but exhausting job but eventually the reward was the pride in yourself.

Question 4: After you got the job, how do you feel now?

Mol: It’s similar to what I have in mind but I got to learn more about the work process and how to plan concisely. I also realize that one of the most important factors is “people”; your colleagues, clients and partner companies. Everybody is different so I have to learn how to handle that professionally.

Keng: I was concerned if I was capable of doing it or not. It was something I’ve never experienced before. Besides a creative position, there are other important segments in event organizer. There are many different things for me to learn and practice. So I’m feeling very exciting for that.

Question 5: What impressed you most since working with DK?

Mol: I must say “The opening ceremony of Sri-Rut expressway” event, the first assignment I received. I was quite new and it was a rush work. I felt so much pressure but luckily I got my senior colleagues to guide me. I felt that we were a great team work and finally the event went successfully.

Keng: When I first started working here as a creative officer, I had to write a proposal and present it to a client. I put all my energy into it. The outcome was great and a client loved it. I was very happy because it was my first assignment.

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