10 Tips for Successful Event

Helloo Planners!! Today Happy DK would like to share some tips which can help you to simply run out a splendid event. 

1. What is the real objective of the events

After getting brief from the client, take sometimes to wrap your head around the topic and figure out what is the main objective of this event. Stay on the right track and keep in mind about the purpose and result your client is expecting.    

2. Pay great importance to “planning”.

All event organizer are good planners, creatively using their brain to plan the events. However, few of them will write out their ideas.  A good planner should organize their project in a paper work to gather information and avoid missing small details. The most important thing is you can pass this paper work to the team member to help run the project smoothly.

3. Wisely plan the budget and reserve some balance for cost overruns.

An amount of balance should be reserve for emergency case or unexpected scenario such as changing flower’s theme, food style, or even changing the venue.  All these are cost overrun that could happened in a project.

4. Detail oriented

A good event planner should be able to close their eyes and see all the pictures in mind how the event will be run from the first step of entrance until the last step after the event has ended. Guests will be impress with all little details that you have elaborately put into the event. 

5. Do research on the venue and create emergency plan.

Venue is one of the key factor of an event.  As an organizer you need to do some research on the location and check on facilities, such as restroom, air conditioner, accessibility, etc., to make sure it is ready to hold an event. 

6. Allocate jobs effectively 

To avoid unfinished work and missing of details, do not keep all responsibilities under one hand. After planning the project, jobs should be allocate to team members. Document your plan and make it available to the whole team, as a roadmap, to ensure everyone is on the same page.

7. Selecting the right target.

Carefully select a target group and learn about their behavior. To define your target audience you must research about what they like or dislike, how they communicate, what is their favorite social media, etc. With all these factors, success is at your fingertips.

8. Service orientation

An event organizer is one of a job that required high service orientation.  No matter how hard your day is, always keep smiling. Be helpful, friendly, and smoothly run the event so that everyone will be impress with your service.

9. Final check or run-through 24hrs. in advance

Set up an onsite run through, at least 24hrs beforehand, will help you to clean up all the mess, fix on the leak parts, and finalized on all details to create a flawless event. 

10. Customer’s satisfaction and feedback 

You might feel tired and “happy” after the event; however, the job is not yet over. Service is intangible but it’s not immeasurable. Sending out a survey to gather feedback from your attendees is what you should do after the event is over. Comments and suggestions from clients will help you to improve the service.


Written by: Happy DK

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