Today Happy DK would like to bring you some secrets for creative workers who would like to create a fantastic paper work/ art work. Finding the right reference that match to your concept is one of the hardest factors. Sometimes those image might have water mark, size is too small, or poor pixel, and most of the time they are copied-right.

No more such problems with these top 5 website copied-right free photographs that we will introduce to you.

1. (

A simple design, user-friendly, website but contains real cool pictures. Love it to the max!!! 


2. (

Another admirable website which I would like you to try. Simply search for the right photo by using keywords or hashtag that is related. A good options for those who are in a rush to beat a deadline. Just one click and you will get the right pic!


3. lifeofpix (

If you’re looking for emotional photographs, this is one of the web you should save as favorite. The beauty of each pictures might not as perfect as other website, but it’s really heart touching.


4. unsplash (

Excellent copied-right free web of the legend. Several varieties of photographs are available for all purpose. Distinctive point of this web is beautiful scenery photos.


5. pixabay (

This website contains more than 300,000 photographs, mostly no colored-filters. You can promptly use the pictures to apply with your creative art work. 

How do you enjoy it!! We hope these website would be helpful to all Creative Workers in originating impressive presentation for your clients. 

Written by : Happy DK

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